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About Ebony Wiley

Welcome to Pretty Little Leader!

Ebony built her career in one of the most recognized companies known for embracing diversity
and developing leader, General Electric. She started her career General Electric as process
engineering eventually leading a large global engineering organization. She travelled the globe
to 20+ countries negotiating the sale of power plants in countries like as a proposal director aiming to provide a technical solution to bridge the power gap most third world countries experience, providing access to power enables economic development in emerging economies. As a part of her tenure with General Electric, Ebony delivered technical proposals to put the most amount of trailer mounted gas turbines in operation in a decade. She has also help positions leading product development for new
product introductions, spearheading program management, and serving as the leader for
customer summits. All the while mentoring and advocating for diverse talent. She is able to do
all of this while maintaining a healthy fun filled marriage to her husband of 16 years and being a
mommy to three children.

As an unapologetic leader

I have disrupted cultural norms and elevated the expectations of my peers globally. I am a game changer to say the least! Pretty Little Leader aims to equip my fellow womankind to be game changers as well. I understand the challenges that exist and weill clearly chart the path for rising female leaders across borders. I will help navigate the anticipated gender and race gaps domestically, and teach women how to layer their movement swith strategy and savvy activation of emotional intelligence to lead in a global environment.

As founder and CEO of Marteen Holland Group, LLC

my team and I have guided countless clients to achieve their career and unique business goals. I am also content contributor for the BOLD Career JourneyTM a product of  Upstream HR strategies. BOLD is designed to decode the promotion puzzle and equip leaders with skill driven career path clarity for employees. How was I able to rise to corporate executive, become an author, podcast host and CEO while maintaining a healthy fun filled marriage and an active mommy of three, you ask? By authoring my own narrative, setting life priorities, making intentional decisions, and learning how to be an iron fist in a velvet glove, and understanding the difference between “power”  at the office and at home.


Here are some recent reviews from Apple Podcasts


We need Ebony's voice

So glad that Ebony is sharing her considerable wisdom and advice in this podcast. Her voice and perspective is needed and right on target. Subscribed right away 🙌


Well Said

You touched in a lot here Ebony! Looking forward to you breaking down a lot of these. How do we get comfort being “the only”, how do we hold form in value if our net worth, both economically, but also from a value perspective? Can’t wait to hear more!


What a treasure

This podcast is just what the doctor ordered! Exactly the type of advice and perspective women need to hear and understand while going for top roles. Ebony’s experience and dedication to helping women rise is unmatched. Her playbook and advice is not only interesting but also critical.

Ebony Wiley is the founder of Pretty Little Leader Podcast

where she helps ladies anticipated gender or race challenges in their careers while ensuring their personal lives don’t get lost in the shuffle.

During the day, Ebony is the Leadership Initiatives Leader for the Center for Engineering Leadership at Rice University. After 18 years in corporate America with extensive experience in defining strategic goals, leading global engineering teams in customer negotiations, proposal development and identifying new business opportunities.

Outside the microphone, Ebony is the CEO of Marteen Holland Group, LLC., a career and business consulting firm. Marteen Holland provides guidance via career coaching & planning, job transition, leadership development. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and 2020 Women on Boards Houston Steering committee. Ebony grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and three children.